Understanding Tire Codes on Your RV and RV Trailer Part Two: Light Truck Flotation Tires

Though not the most common variety of RV and RV trailer tire, light truck flotation tires are worth knowing a thing or two about especially if you expect to encounter rough terrain. Like some other varieties light truck tires, high flotation tires use a slightly different code in order to relate more information about its specific uses and capabilities. If you haven’t already read our first post on tire codes, you can do so here.

Generally speaking, flotation size tires are meant to aid vehicles in crossing loosely-packed terrain such as soil and sand. While they might follow standard tire code, you can expect to run across the High Flotation Tire Designation code at one point or another if you are looking to equip your truck, RV, or trailer to conquer difficult terrain. The code starts off with two digits that represent that diameter of the tire in inches. This is followed by a separation character, usually an X, and another set of three or four digits that represent the width of the tire in inches.

In a separate string of characters you’ll find a letter that designates the internal construction of the tire, followed by two digits that relate the diameter of the rim in inches. Finally, you’ll see the LT designation at the end of this code, accompanied by the load range. For example, the tire code “32×11.50 R LT Load Range C” means you are looking at a 32 inch diameter tire with a width of 11.5 inches, radial internal construction, rim diameter of 15 inches, that is capable of carrying 1,820 pounds by itself.

Again, not all vehicles you might think of as a “light truck” will use light truck tires, but as you begin looking into outfitting your RV or RV trailer for more extreme conditions you are more likely to encounter tires and rims that fall outside standard tire code. It is important to be discerning when shopping for light truck tires due to the variety of use types and their implications for the safe and efficient operation of your RV or RV trailer. In our next post, we will cover other light truck tire designations.

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