The RV Towing and Repair Process

We get it. Needing to have your RV towed can be a stressful process.

Many of our customers felt a similar sense of dread when it came time for their first move. But when you trust your move to the right professional, moving day can end up being an enjoyable experience.

Our drivers are trained to deliver service with a smile. We find that a friendly, positive attitude is what helps ease our customers minds that we truly care about the quality of their experience hiring us.

Often times, it can help take the stress out of moving day if you know what to expect. So the purpose of this article is to give you a basic rundown of the process of RV relocation.

Keep in mind that each RV and each situation is unique, but this will give you a general idea of how the majority of moves tend to go.

Step 1: Speak directly with your RV moving professional.

According to your schedule and location, you’ll get the perfect driver and truck based on your needs. You will then communicate directly with your driver, who will learn and understand your specific situation.

Since we are pretty familiar with the West Coast in general, we can usually give a quote right there on the phone, saving you time and hassle. We take several factors into consideration including the type of RV, distance between departure and arrival locations, and any special setup needs.

Step 2: Prepare for RV moving day.

We are a full service RV relocation company, which means we “got your back” when it comes to moving day.

We have all the tools and resources to make your RV relocation a big success. While on the phone with one of our drivers, we’ll walk you through any special accommodations you may need on the actual day of moving.

You’ll be guided through all the steps you need to know in order to prepare your RV to be moved safely. We will even help you pack it up and set it back up on arrival. Whatever you need, you can rest assure that we’ll get it done.

We even offer a full, hands-free RV relocation service where we can schedule a pickup time and guarantee a drop-off time. It’s literally that easy.

Step 3: Moving the RV to its new destination.

This step is mostly our job. Before we depart, we always check around the RV to make sure nothing is going to cause us a problem down the road.

We take the extra time to make several passes around the RV to look for things like vent covers that are annoying and costly to replace if they’re not closed from highway speed wind.

Your RV and belongings are important to us. We value your safety and we think our reputation is as good as gold. When you work with us, you’ll see that we care for your property as if it were our own.

If anything is not right, we will take the extra time and care to make it right. For example, if we notice your tires are low, we will make a stop to air them up before exposing your property to the uncertainty of highway speeds. One tire blowout is capable of causing thousands of dollars in damages in just a few seconds.

Step 4: Unloading and setting up your newly moved RV.

When we arrive at the RV’s new destination, there are several steps that have to happen to make sure your RV is officially settled. Again, we can handle 100% of this work, but many of our customers choose to help with this process.

First we identify a proper location to place the RV. We make sure the ground is solid, firm, and mostly level. Then we carefully back the RV into its position, identifying the locations of any power, sewer, or fresh water utilities. Once we ensure the RV is in a good place, we will often recommend that our customers drive the RV up on something like wood or concrete. This helps preserve the tires from ground moisture and, inevitably, rot.

Once the RV location has been determined and tested, we will pull it forward one more time and then place boards or solid material where the tires will go. Then, we carefully back up the RV onto the surface and begin deployment.

During deployment, we can help you block up your RV for stability, chock the tires for safety, and level the RV front-to-back and side-to-side. This is a valued service for our customers, as it allows them to feel like they’re living in a solid home that is secure and safe.

Finally, if you need us to stick around and complete the deployment, we’d be happy to. This includes deploying slide outs, connecting power, and hooking up the water and sewer. We can do all of this and more, just let us know how we can make your next RV move great!

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