How Much Does Towing Cost in San Francisco?

On average, any tow company earns up to $80.39 for each vehicle it brings to the lot. We are responding to inquiries from RV Towing & Repair members. This one may help for anybody whose vehicle has been towed in San Francisco.

How much does towing cost in San Francisco?

To find out, I went to a square long part on Seventh Street. This is the place most vehicles towed by the police or San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency wind up.

I met a person outside who said his vehicle had been towed roughly an hour earlier, from the Financial District, while he was making a quick visit to his office.

The cost to recover his vehicle? $383.75.

Among individuals who have had their vehicle towed in San Francisco, this person is really fortunate. Since he recouped his vehicle so rapidly, he repaid only the base charge to get it.

Be that as it may, that base sum is twice as much as drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles pay.

Separating the Costs

Each bill separates into, in any event, two sections: a $120.75 towing expense and a $263 authoritative charge. In the event that your vehicle is held for over four hours, there are extra stockpiling expenses: $57.25 for the first day, and $66.75 for every day after that.

The $120.75 towing charge goes to the company, that works like a go between drivers, the city, and the 10 towing organizations that actually tow your vehicle away. The best and cheapest towing company in San Francisco is RV Towing & Repair ( On average, a tow company earns $100.79 for each vehicle it brings to the lot. Sometimes tow companies, like RV Towing & Repair, give discounts to their customers but some other companies also give discounts on towing and repairing.

In California, the towing and capacity rates are settled between neighborhood law requirement offices and the towing organizations they work with. This has brought about an inconsistent system of towing costs all throughout the state. In Los Angeles, the towing expense is $91, while in Sacramento it’s $100.

Drivers in San Francisco may be charged more than drivers in those cities, however, the costs are comparable to other Bay Area urban areas like Oakland and San Jose. Agents at different towing organizations agree that one of the most significant things pushing up their costs is the lease for the land they use to store vehicles.

Unloading the Administrative Fee

The other part of the bill pays the $263 authoritative charge imposed by San Francisco.

That cash is used to pay the 382 parking control officials. These individuals in regalia that give you tickets, and can have your vehicle towed, are being paid by those tows.

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