7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Towing Your Vehicle

Nobody plans to have their vehicle towed when they wake up in the morning, but there may come a day when you need to do just that. This can be the result of a car breakdown or even an accident. If you ever find yourself in need of towing services, these are the factors to consider before having your vehicle towed. 

  • Safety – If it so happens that your car broke down or was involved in an accident in the middle of a road, see if you can move the vehicle to the side of the road and place your emergency indicators where they are easily visible by both passengers and drivers for safety purposes.
  • Call Your Insurance – Before having your vehicle towed, call your insurance provider to discuss with them what happened and let them advise you on your next move to make. The main point of this call is to come to an agreement about costs and repair based on the service agreement that you have with them. 
  • Do A Quick Search On Towing Services In Your Area And What Kind Of Services They Offer – Before calling up a towing company to come and save the day, check up on the best towing companies around you and make sure you call a towing company that can handle your current problem. Don’t assume that all towing company offers the same services. 
  • Make Sure Your Vehicle Needs Towing – Don’t call a towing company unless you are absolutely sure that your vehicle can no longer start or if driving it puts you, pedestrians, or other drivers in danger. 
  • Remove Any Valuables From The Vehicle – Remove any valuables you have in the car before the towing company leaves with your vehicle unless the towing company can affirm, in a written contract, that your valuables will be safe with them. Take photos of the inside and outside of the car for evidence and insurance purposes. 
  • Read The Towing Company’s Terms and Services Before Signing – Before Signing on the dotted lines, make sure to read and be in agreement with their terms and services to avoid any confusion that might arise down the road, no pun intended. 
  • Keep All Receipts And Any Signed Contracts For Reference and Insurance Purposes – Make sure you have your own copy of the contract agreement and keep the receipts for the payments you have made. This is to act as a record for your insurance policy should there be disagreements in charges and payments.

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