3 Great Options for Trailer Tires

If your RV is going to be towed, and you want that tow to go smoothly, safely, and easily, you should make sure that you have the proper tires. Here are a few great options that are sure to suit your trailer.

Obviously it is a good idea to make sure these tires will fit your rig. We’ve seen a lot of crazy rigs with some pretty creative home made elements. When it comes to tires, we’d hate to steer you wrong!

For a great guide on what all the numbers mean when it comes to measuring tires, click here. That guide should help you make sure you’re getting tires that are the right size and rating for your RV!

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Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire – 235/85R16 120R E1

Although expensive, with a cost of about $250 each, these tires are very high quality. According to the manufacturer, Michelin, they give you longer-lasting treads, and a much stronger steel casting.
They can handle very heavy tows, with a tire rating that supports about 3,000 pounds each. This guarantees that they will be able to tow almost any trailer, in almost any weight range.
They can be used in both dual and single tire applications. They are also radial tires designed for 16 inch rims.
Their speed rating is listed as R, which means they cannot take the RV to high speeds, however they do provide a great deal of stability when breaking or changing lanes.

Pros – weight range, durability, stability
Cons – price, speed

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire – ST205/75R15

These tires are very cost effective. They go for about $100 a tire, if you buy used, or slightly more if new. They are very durable, and have above average heat resistance.
They can handle about 2,000 pounds each quite comfortably, which can be stretched to about 2,100/2,200 pounds if necessary.
When at the maximum weight capacity, you will most likely not be able to reach top highway speeds, however you will be able to travel relatively fast comfortably.
They are most suitable for single tire applications, and fit 15 inch rims.
Pros – Cost, durability, speed
Cons – Only suitable for single tire applications, weight

Grand Ride Premium Trailer Tires ST 225/75R15 10PR Load Range E

Their tires are very affordable, and for the quality they provide, are very much worth their ~$300 price range for the set.
At their limit, the tires can hold almost 2,800 pounds each. The tires are reinforced with nylon, and are ten ply, further increasing their durability.
Speed is certainly not a problem with these tires, as the top speed they can reach is about 75 mph, well above average when compared to other tires in this price range.
The only real problem with these tires is their availability. To find these exact tires with this durability, you may need to look for a while. However, if you are willing to settle for tires of a lesser ply, then you should be fine locating a set.
Pros – Cost, durability, weight, speed
Cons – Availability

So, those are some of the various different options of tires that you can choose. Even if you decide these tires aren’t for you, then be sure to do your own research to find the tires that do fit your needs.

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